Everything you need to deliver effective, results-driven online training.

With flexible ways to create, manage & deliver training content, you can optimize the training experience.

Create courses with a standard web browser.

Add or edit course content any time with the built-in editor. Easy, intuitive toolbar makes formatting easy. Cut and paste text or type directly on the page. Use the toolbar to format text, add hyperlinks, audio, images, video, and any web-compatible object.

Create Courses

Phishing power point

From PowerPoint to web-course with a single click.

The built-in PowerPoint-to-Web course converter is the fastest way to get your training online. Just upload your PowerPoint file, & choose your conversion preferences. Preserve animations and include narration to enhance the user experience. All with a single click. Store & share PowerPoint files in the course repository – so all trainers are using the latest version of course materials, whether online or in the classroom.

Add quizzes & final exams.

TrainCaster's build-in quiz tool lets you build all types of quizzes and assessments. Create question banks around specific topics - and use those to build a quiz at the end of the topic. You specify how many questions to include, the passing threshold and if answers should be randomized.

All quizzes & exams are auto-corrected, allowing you to include links back into the material for wrong answers. Tailor comments to explain the problem with each incorrect response.

And finally, quizzes and exams can include many types of questions - ranging from true/false, multiple-choice, to Likert, matching and 'choose all that apply.'

Create Courses

Add SCORM or AICC Content

SCORM is ADL's Sharable Content Object Reference Model, which integrates a set of related technical standards, specifications, and guidelines designed to increase accessibility, interoperability, durability, and reusability of training content. TrainCaster LMS is a SCORM compliant learning management system - both Version 1.2 and 2004. SCORM enhances your ability to provide engaging and relevant content to your learners.

You can create SCORM compliant content using many popular desktop tools, including Captivate, Articulate, and Camtasia. Or partner with a training content vendor, like Vivid Learning Systems, Skillsoft, or BizLibrary, to name a few. Checkout our Training Vendor Review Guidebook.

Classroom Events

Classroom Courses/Events

Easily manage classroom training sessions in the LMS. Allow trainees to self-enroll, assign sessions directly, or have managers approve/deny registration requests. They can also browse and self-register from the calendar.

The classroom manager includes automatic waitlisting, classroom sign-in sheets, and attendance records uploaded with a single click. For compliance and audits, easily store sign-in sheets with employee's training records.

Requirements, Notifications & Reminders

TrainCaster LMS automatically tracks training requirements and due dates. The LMS sends reminders and overdue notices, so you don't have to.

Automatic Reminders

TrainCaster automatically tracks when training is due and sends out a customized training reminder message to let the trainee know that their training due date is fast approaching.

Training Notifications

Auto-generated emails notify trainees about enrollments, training results, due dates, and training expiration dates. Each of these notifications is personalized and addressed to the specific trainee. You can customize the information included in the email, establishing or complying with company communication standards.


In addition to training reminders, TrainCaster sends overdue training alerts to the trainee and supervisor.

Upon successful completion of a course, trainees receive a course completion alert. The email message is customizable. You control when the message is sent and to whom.


Learning Repository



Create a library of supplemental resources to share with trainees: web links, PowerPoint files, Word documents, PDF's. These resources are accessible to trainees on the course launch page and via the Course Resources button displayed in the course navigation.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) use the repository to share training materials with other trainers, like the source content for the web-based course or classroom course materials:

  • PowerPoint Files
  • Handouts
  • Word Documents
  • PDF's that contain course-related information like manuals, documentation, or schematics
  • Supplemental information that you want to share with other instructors.


Add a post-training survey to your course to see how well the content met trainee expectations. Solicit comments and ratings, and review the responses via the Course Information Report.

Discussion Forum

Adding a discussion forum to your course is as easy as a click of a button. You moderate the forum, ensuring that comments are relevant, respectful, and adding to the sense of community within your organization.



Combine Content Types

Combine different types of content to create the best user experience. Your course can include an introduction created using the editor, followed by a narrated PowerPoint presentation, followed by a final exam created with the quiz tool. Include mini-quizzes throughout the course, add video presentations - whatever you need to make the content more accessible to learners.

Use Objectives

Objectives take course combinations a step further - which makes your course content even more powerful. Your course can consist of multiple objectives that combine different content formats and different course types. The power of combining content means you can mix & match HTML content objectives with SCORM objectives followed by a Classroom Objective scheduled to convene 6 months after completing the first two objectives. Using objectives gives you the tools you need to design courses that best meet your trainees' needs.

Unleash The Power of Curriculums

Create groups of related courses to assign to trainees. Make all of the courses required, or give trainees flexible choices - like, complete the required courses and 2 of the optional courses.

After you create curriculums, easily assign them to trainees based on your criteria: job function and department, for example. You can assign curriculums based on groups as well. Individual courses can be assigned to multiple curriculums, giving you the flexibility to better customize course offerings.

Our powerful, easy to use learning management software can simplify training for your entire organization.