Save time creating course content.

Easily create, review & publish courses from the course manager dashboard.


This is how TrainCaster simplifies the course creation process.

With multiple options for creating or uploading training content, TrainCaster LMS gets you up & running in days, not weeks.

Create media-rich content using the built-in course editor - no HTML required!

Use the built-in course editor to add/edit course pages. Easy, intuitive toolbar makes text formatting easy. Insert any web-compatible object using the 'insert' toolbar. Add or edit course content any time with the built-in editor. Easy to use interface. Cut and paste text or type directly on the page. Use the toolbar to format text, add hyperlinks, audio, images, video, and more.


PowerPoint-to-Web Conversion - it's built-in, fast & easy.

Upload legacy content from PowerPoint - including audio and video. The built-in PowerPoint-to-Web course converter is the fastest way to get your training online. Just upload your PowerPoint file, then choose your conversion preferences. Preserve animations and include narration to enhance the user experience. All with a single click.

SCORM Course Options

Import AICC, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004 content either purchased or created by you with a third-party authoring tool. TrainCaster LMS is a SCORM compliant learning management system - both Version 1.2 and 2004. Read more about SCORM options.

Quiz Preview

Add Quizzes

Use the built-in Quiz Editor to create auto-corrected quizzes with randomly chosen/ordered questions. Upload your questions/answers via a text file, or type them directly into the quiz form.

Include audio, video, images, hyperlinks in your quiz questions to increase clarity. Display one question at a time, or display all of the quiz questions on a single page. You control how many quiz attempts are allowed and the score required to pass the exam.

Classroom Courses/Events

Your Traincaster environment includes a complete classroom management suite. Schedule classroom 'sessions' to start/end at specific dates and times. Allow trainees to self-enroll, assign sessions directly, or have managers approve/deny registration requests. Trainees see classroom offerings via their training home page, under Course Calendar.

Limit the number of seats available for each session - waitlisting is automatic. Print the classroom sign-in sheet, and then update attendance with a single click. Easy communication with trainees via 'broadcast message,' should anything arise before the class meeting. Setup automatic reminder & notification messages using the notification editor.

Our powerful, easy to use learning management software can simplify training for your entire organization.