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5 Tips For Writing a Better Quiz


A well written quiz is a key component of an online course: it allows you to evaluate the learner's progress, assess the effectiveness of the training, and allows learners to gauge their own progress. Here are 5 tips for creating awell-written quiz and avoiding the traps of poorly constructed quiz questions. Read more

Using Resources to Enhance Learning


Resources can be any document or link that will support trainees' understanding of your course material, or something that will enhance their learning experience. This could include a collection of documents - SOP's, manual excerpts, product schematics, glossary - or links to webpages or videos. Read more

Using Custom Data Fields


If you are in the process of evaluating, selecting & implementing a learning management solution in your organization, it is not too early to start thinking about what customized data fields you will require in your training database. Read more

LMS System Selection & Evaluation Toolkit, Part 4


Last post we talked about creating a requirements list, including specific task scenarios. In this post we focus on doing the anlysis and evaluation of potential LMS products. Included is a link to an LMS Evaluation Form that makes it easy to go over. Read more

LMS System Selection & Evaluation Toolkit, Part 3


Last post we talked about defining the LMS selection process, and gather background information so you are well prepared to evaluate potential LMS applications. In this post we focus on creating a requirements list, with specific tasks and scenarios to aid in the evaluation of each LMS. Includes a nifty form to help you create task scenarios. Read more

LMS System Selection & Evaluation Toolkit, Part 2


Last post we talked about doing some background research and becoming familiar with terminology. In this post, we go a bit further: defining the process you will use to select an LMS for your company or organization. Read more

LMS System Selection & Evaluation Toolkit, Part 1


You may be researching Learning Management Systems because you are new to elearning. Or you may be researching alternative LMS Systems because it is time to replace your current version. Either way, the LMS selection & evaluation process can be daunting: confusing industry specific terms, hundreds of LMS Systems to choose from, superfluous vs. required features, and different pricing models.Read more

LMS Features Comparison


If you are looking for an LMS but are unsure of what you need the LMS to include, this LMS requirements checklist may help. Below is a number of LMS features, which you can translate into the requirements your organization needs. Feel free to download the list (in PDF format) and edit it to include only those features that you need or add in some additional criteria. Read more

Top 5 SCORM Authoring Tools


Looking for a SCORM authoring tool? (or want to know more about SCORM?) This post is for you! Below are the top 5 SCORM authoring tools - listed in alphabetical order. Note that some tools are easier to use than others. Read more

What is a Learning Management System (LMS) ?


At its most basic, a learning management system is a software-based information system that delivers e-learning courses and keeps track of student progress. It is typically used internally by small, medium or large enterprises for training employees, and monitoring the effectiveness of the training program and is deployed via the web. The LMS can be hosted or installed. It is especially useful for ensuring that state- and federally-mandated courses are delivered in a timely manner, and should include associated reports to support this function. Read more

Best of Both: SCORM Content & TC Quiz


Did you know that you can have the best of both worlds by combining the flexibility of SCORM content with the reporting power of TrainCaster quizzes? You can, and it's easy to setup. But before I explain the process I want to explain the reasons you may want to consider this setup. Continue reading.

Best Practices: Setup a Post Training Survey


Post training surveys are commonly used by instructors to get feedback from trainees about the relevance of the course content - which allows the instructor to make fine-tune the training content to better meet the needs of trainees.

While there may be courses that require a customized post-course survey (perhaps a hands-on training session), most of the time a standard survey will suffice - especially if you include an area where trainees can enter specific comments. TrainCaster makes this extremely easy: administrators create a set of survey questions that is available to all instructors. Continue reading.