Flexible User Management

Easily control access to eLearning courses, reports, and course content.

You control who sees what in your LMS environment.

With easy permission management forms, you assign privileges to users based on their role in your organization.

Learners see only what you want them to see - assigned courses, course catalog, course history, and certificates of completion. You control which courses are included in the catalog and whether or not trainees can self-enroll. You can allow users to manage their own profile information, and give them access to additional personnel files that are stored in your database.

You can set permissions for other types of administrators as well: report managers, user managers, course managers and system administrators. Give them access to one, many or all groups and courses. You control five permission levels: Administrator, Course Manager, User Manager, Report Manager and Trainee.

Delegate user management responsibilities across departments in your organization. These managers can then manage user accounts and assignments, add training records from third party training, store user specific information, such as training
evaluations, job performance reviews, or third party test results in your database.

Create grouping categories to streamline course assignment and reporting.

You can create grouping categories - like department and location - and use these categories to assign courses to users or to organize reporting results. You can assign courses to users in the Accounting Department, and then another set of courses to all users located in San Diego, CA. This powerful feature makes it easy to manage users and assignments. Please note that these grouping categories are completely customized for your TrainCaster environment.  One or two groupings like Department and Location may be suitable for smaller clients.  Larger clients may have many more including Job Function, Region, Division, Employee Type, etc.

Store additional user files in your database to keep all eLearning information in a single location.

Upload any type of file to your database and optionally share this with users. You can store job descriptions, self-evaluations, job reviews, or third party training certificates. This lets you consolidate eLearning records in a single data source.