Training Certificates & Announcements

Use customized training certificates or corporate announcements.

Create customized training certificates for your courses.

Training certificates.

You can easily create customized certificates of completion for your training courses. You can have one standard certificate that is used throughout your organization, or you can create several versions. You can include your logo, colors of your choice, a header and footer that follow your company standards. Course managers can then select from the available options when setting up their courses.

Trainees receive Certificates of Completion upon successful completion of a training course. They always have access to their certificates via the Course History page. From there, they can reprint a certificate or send a copy of a certificate via email - to themselves or a supervisor.


Administrators can create announcements that are displayed to all system users. Announcements can be displayed only when a user logs into the system, or they can be displayed on the user's home page for the duration of the session. The content of announcements is up to you - ranging from informing trainees about new course offerings or approaching deadlines, to announcing a company wide meeting or initiative.

When you setup an announcement, you set the date that it will expire. TrainCaster takes care of the rest - automatically inactivating the announcement for you - so you don't have to worry that an outdated announcement is on display in your LMS environment.