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Track Employee Certifications


Create custom certification tracks, with flexible completion options that support your needs. Includes automatic tracking of requirements and expiration.

Track Employee Certifications

Easy Certification Tracking

TrainCaster LMS gives you the ability to track employee certifications - internal completions, as well as third party certifications. You can also use the user file repository to upload a digital copy of a third party certificate from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

You have several ways to determine when a certification track is complete, including: 

  • Certification based on course(s) completion;

  • Certification based on the upload of a license or certificate;

  • Certification based on completion of a curriculum;

  • Certification based on a discipline.

Use these completion requirements individually or in combination to create your own custom tracks.

After selecting the completion requirements for the certification, you have the option to require CEUs to maintain the certification. Automatic alerts keep employees and supervisors informed about upcoming expiring certifications.

Because you store all of your training data in a single location, audit preparation is easy. Stay on top of compliance, certifications, employee needs, and course assignments with certification tools and real-time reports. Functional compliance matrices are easy to produce, putting employee compliance data at your fingertips.

With increased compliance you can keep your business running more efficiently, and reduce fines. It's easy to verify employee compliance and certification status, so you meet contractual requirements.  

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