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Online & downloadable information to help you select, implement & use a learning management system.


Helpful info available for download to store or print. 
Training Content Vendor Guidebook

Training Content Vendor Guidebook

This eBook includes individual reviews of 4 training content vendors - Vivid Learning Systems, Skillsoft, BizLibrary & Emtrain. It also includes a hand side-by-side comparison chart - so you can pick out the vendor that most closely meets your needs.


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LMS Implementation Plan

LMS Implemention Plan

This eBook gives you an overview of the LMS implementation process - whether you are migrating to a new LMS or purchasing for the first time. Includes a separate download of an editable LMS plan document.


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lms selection toolkit

The Ultimate LMS Selection Toolkit

Download the LMS Selection Toolkit that walks you through the details of evaluating and selecting the LMS that is best for your company based on your core requirements.



Infographic: Roadmap to Choosing an LMS

Infographic: Roadmap to Choosing an LMS

Learn how to determine what features you need, how to match your needs to vendors, and how to best evaluate each LMS.



ten reasons you need an LMS

10 Reasons to Use a LMS

10 most compelling reasons to use an LMS to manage training will help you make the case for purchasing an LMS. 


how to choose the best LMS

 Choose the Best LMS

How to select the Learning Management System that meets all of your needs, without buying more than you need.



Everything you need to know about SCORM

SCORM: Everything You Need to Know

Have questions about SCORM? This eBook answers all your questions.




Quick tour, overviews & how-to's.
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Take the Quick Tour

Watch the 2 minute quick tour to see if TrainCaster LMS is the right fit for your organization.


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elearning glossary

eLearning Glossary

Download your copy of eLearning industry terms.



lms evaluation checklist

LMS Evaluation Checklist

Comparing learning management systems? Download this evaluation checklist to help you compare/contrast features between systems.



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