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TrainCaster LMS v6.16

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TrainCaster 6.16
Release Notes
Sunday 10-Nov-2019

Please contact your account representative, or email with any suggestions or questions.

What's New in TrainCaster v6.16
Course Manager
  • Update: Recently deleted courses can be recovered on the main course manager screen.
  • Update: Courses with multiple objectives: course failure can be specified if a trainee fails one of the objectives.
  • Checklist Update: Re-order checklist prompt input fields.
  • Certification Update: Assigning a user to a certification will also assign the user to any course/curriculum that is part of the certification. Additionally certification notifications are sent to the user's group contacts.

User Manager
  • New Setting: grant/deny user manager access to edit their user record. 
Report Manager
  • Course Information Report Update: New column option 'Training Notifications' which displays if notifications are turned on/off.
  • New! View SCORM quiz results on Course History page.
General Updates
  • New! 'Require Change of Password'.
  • New! 'Strong Passwords' to require use of strong passwords.
  • New! 'User Add Own Files' to allow users to add files via Home > My Files page.
Bug Fixes:
  • Using the search box on the list of selected courses on the report setup screens caused some courses to be incorrectly excluded from the list.
  • Viewing file submissions would fail to download when viewing User Certification Progress via the Certifications Report. (installed on 10/8/2019)
  • When deleting a user, the number of users displayed in the caption was not changed to reflect one less user in the list. (installed on 10/23/2019)