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Course Authoring Options


Multiple options to create course content, so you can choose the method that suits your needs.

 Course authoring options


With multiple options for creating or uploading training content, TrainCaster LMS gets you up and running quickly.

  • Use the built-in course editor to add/edit course pages. Easy, intuitive toolbar makes formatting easy. Insert any web-compatible object using the 'insert' toolbar.
  • Upload legacy content from PowerPoint - including audio and video.
  • Import AICC, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 content either purchased, or created by you with a third-party authoring tool. (Learn more about LMS Integration with Content Vendors.)
  • Include MS Word or PDF documents in your course.
  • Create and upload HTML pages created using your favorite HTML editor - Adobe Dreamweaver, Sublime 2, or BBedit, to name a few.
  • Include essays, auto-corrected quizzes, surveys, discussion forums, and more.

Add Quizzes & Exams


Use the built-in Quiz Editor to create auto-corrected quizzes with randomly chosen/ordered questions. Many question types to choose from. Upload your questions/answers via a text file, or simply type them into the quiz form.

Add quizzes & examsInclude audio, video, images, hyperlinks - any web compatible object. Display one question at a time, or display all of the quiz questions on a single page. You control how many quiz attempts are allowed. Optionally allow trainees to test out of a course.

Manage classroom training

Classroom Courses/Events

Easily manage classroom training sessions in the LMS. Allow trainees to self-enroll, assign sessions directly, or have managers approve/deny registration requests. They can also browse and self-register from the calendar.

The classroom manager includes automatic waitlisting, classroom sign-in sheets, and attendance records uploaded with a single click. For compliance and audits, easily store sign-in sheets with employee's training records.



Combine Content Types

Easily combine different types of content to create the best user experience. Your course can include an introduction created using the editor -> followed by a narrated PowerPoint presentation -> followed by a final exam created in TrainCaster. Include mini-quizzes throughout the course, add video presentations - whatever you need to make the content more accessible to learners.


Use Objectives

Objectives take course combinations a step further - which makes your course content even more powerful. Your course can consist of multiple objectives that combine different content format and different course types. This means you can combine and HTML content objectives with a second SCORM objective with a third Classroom Objective that meets 6 months after completing the first two objectives. This is a powerful, yet easy to use tool that gives you the ultimate flexibility.


Unleash The Power of Curriculums

Create groups of related courses to assign to trainees. Make all of the course required, or you can give trainees flexible choices - like, complete the required courses and 2 of the optional courses.

After you create curriculums, easily assign them to trainees based on your criteria: job function and department, for example. You can assign curriculums based on groups as well. Individual courses can be assigned to multiple curriculums, giving you the flexibility to better customize course offerings.

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