Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Rapidly generate real-time training reports from a single source of data.

Use TrainCaster to store any type of training record, giving you maximum flexibility for tracking training data.

With all of your training data located in a single database, you can track results, compliance status, and training details in just one click.

Easily generate training reports, compliance reports and administrative reports from a single source of data with our powerful reporting engine. You select and filter your training data using an intuitive report criteria form. Customize your reports - and schedule your custom reports to run automatically at specific intervals.

Track requirements and compliance for every employee.

Assign courses to trainees, or allow them to self-enroll, and TrainCaster immediately starts tracking their training requirement status. Due dates are calculated, reminders and notifications are sent if needed, and training status is updated.

Run reports to see what training has been completed and what is due/overdue. See who is compliant or not compliant with their training requirements.

Control data access.

You have full control over what information Report Managers see on reports. You determine which courses and groups they have access to: one, many or all.

Easy data export.

Export report data in tab-separated-format for use in other applications, like Excel. Just click the export link at the top of the report and save the file to your hard drive. Import the file directly into the application of your choice.

Store 3rd party training documentation.

TrainCaster also provides you a flexible and convenient place to store 3rd party training documentation, such as diplomas or certifications. Upload the files or images to your database, and share them (or not) with trainees. Download the documentation at any time.