File Storage

Store User Files, Course Content, Evaluations, And More

Managing training files is as easy as uploading them.

Store user-related files, share course content amongst instructors, and create a library of supplemental materials to share with trainees.

Upload user files and evaluations.

Your LMS database comes with a storage utility so you can keep all training related information in one location. Store trainee evaluations, on-the-job training, and third party training certificates, to name a few. It's as simple as browsing to find a file on your computer and uploading it to your database. Files are accessible to supervisors with appropriate permissions, and trainees only.

Create a library of supplemental course resources to share with trainees.

Web-based training courses can include additional resources - web links, PowerPoint files, Word documents, PDF's. These resources are accessible to trainees on the course launch page, and via the Course Resources button displayed throughout the course.

Instructors share classroom materials easily.

Course instructors have the option of storing training materials in the course repository. These materials can be:

  • the source content for the web-based course - very useful when the course content needs to be updated;
  • classroom course materials - PowerPoint files, handouts, word documents, PDF's that contain course related information like manuals, documentation, schematics, etc.;
  • supplemental information that instructors want to share with other instructors - web links, additional resources.