Course Enrollment Options

Assign courses, self-enroll, or register for classroom sessions

Choose the course enrollment method that works best for each course.

Assign courses to trainees via curriculums, let them self-enroll via the course catalog, or use the calendar view for classroom registration.

Assign courses via curriculums.

Curriculums make it easy to manage courses and assignments. Create groups of related courses to assign to trainees. Make all of the courses required, or you can give trainees flexible choices - like, complete the required courses and 2 of the optional courses.

After you create curriculums, easily assign them to trainees based on your criteria: job function and department, for example. You can assign curriculums based on groups as well. Individual courses can be assigned to multiple curriculums, giving you the flexibility to better customize course offerings.

Register for classroom courses using the calendar.

Classroom courses are available for browsing using the Calendar tab on your training home page. Dates with available courses are highlighted - a click displays the course details with a link to register for the course. If approval is required before a trainee can self-enroll in a classroom course, the approval request is automatically emailed to the trainee's manager.

Use the course catalog for self-enrollment.

Trainees browse the Course Catalog and self-enroll in courses of interest. You can exclude courses from the catalog at your discretion. Trainees can even browse through the Classroom Calendar to see what courses are being offered in specific locations on specific dates. A click on the 'Register' button enrolls them in the course.