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Using Resources to Support Trainees & Enhance Learning


Resources can be any document or link that will support trainees' understanding of your course material, or something that will enhance their learning experience. This could include a collection of documents - SOP's, manual excerpts, product schematics, glossary - or links to webpages or videos. Resources are easy to add to your training course and can result in better comprehension and retention of the training material by the trainee.

General Information

TrainCaster comes with three pre-configured resources: the content outline, the course repository and the course description. The content outline and course description are pre-populated with information you enter when the course is created. The course repository is blank until you add content and links. You can upload any type of document to the course repository - note that plug-ins or desktop software may be required for viewing (e.g. PDF plug-in in the browser, MS Word for downloaded Word documents). Links to webpages and/or videos are also allowed - however your internal network restrictions may impact access of this information.

How to Populate the Course Repository as a Learning Resource

The Course Repository lets you share additional course materials with other course managers, trainees or both. You can add URLs or files to the repository.  It works like a storage locker – where you put links or files that are relevant to your elearning course. You decide if you want to share the resources with trainees, or only with course managers.

To add a link to the repository:

  1. Click the Repository tab.
  2. Click Add a New Link.
  3. Enter the URL, a title and a brief description. If you would like trainees to have access to this information, select share with trainees.

To add a file to the repository:

  1. Click the Repository tab.
  2. Click Add a New File. Use the BROWSE button to locate the file on your hard drive. Enter a title and brief description.
  3. Indicate if you would like to share this file with trainees. Click ADD FILE.