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Think Beyond Bullet Points


So, one of the first things I’ve learned in doing research for this series of posts, is to think beyond bullet points when using PowerPoint. That makes sense – theoretically, but how to actually apply that when creating a course?

The light went on when I read this post on the Rapid Elearning Blog – showing the starting screen for PowerPoint, Flash, and Captivate. All of the starting screens are blank white rectangles. (The tools used in each case are a bit different, but not that different.)

Getting Past the Bullet Point Mentality

Because PowerPoint is, by default, presentation software – it comes ready to build presentations. However, even though it is setup to assist you in creating a presentation, you can change this easily enough by creating your own elearning template(s).

When you setup an elearning template, you get rid of the bullet points that are there by default. You can start with a blank screen, or create a template that has a particular theme. Here are some links to download PowerPoint templates for elearning if you don’t have time to create your own:

And here are some links if you want to learn to build your own elearning templates:

Do you have templates to share? Let us know and we can create a forum for elearning templates.