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Best Practices: Setup a Standard Post Course Survey


Post training surveys are commonly used by instructors to get feedback from trainees about the relevance of the course content - which allows the instructor to make fine-tune the training content to better meet the needs of trainees.

While there may be courses that require a customized post-course survey (perhaps a hands-on training session), most of the time a standard survey will suffice - especially if you include an area where trainees can enter specific comments. TrainCaster makes this extremely easy: administrators create a set of survey questions that is available to all instructors.

How to setup a standard survey (this requires administrator privileges):

  1. Click the Administration tab. Then click 'Survey Question Sets'.
  2. Click 'Add Survey Question Set'.
  3. Type in the name of your set - something like Post Training Survey.
  4. Select the type of question set - Course Completion or Course Completion Follow Up. The 'Course Completion' survey questions are available as soon as a trainee completes a course. The 'Follow Up' questions are available after the course is completed and a specified period of time has elapsed - a 30 day follow up, for example. Click 'Add Survey Question Set'.
  5. Click 'Add the first question' and select the question type: choose one, choose all that apply, yes/no or comments.
  6. Add the question and responses. Then click 'Add Question'.
  7. Continue adding questions until the survey is complete.

After the survey questions are setup, add them to a course.

  1. Click the 'Survey' tab in course manager.
  2. Select 'Use a shared set of questions'. Click 'Add Survey'.
  3. Select the shared question set from the list. In this case, 'Post Training Survey'. Click 'Choose Question Set'.
  4. Click 'Settings' to enable the survey. You can also make it a single or multi-page survey or opt to conceal trainee names on the survey report.

That's it - the survey is added and enabled!

Need some ideas for your survey? Here is a sample post training survey to get you started.

Sample Post Training Survey