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Best of Both Worlds: Combine SCORM Content With TrainCaster Quizzes


Did you know that you can have the best of both worlds by combining the flexibility of SCORM content with the reporting power of TrainCaster quizzes? You can, and it's easy to setup. But before I explain the process I want to explain the reasons you may want to consider this setup.

SCORM provides great flexibility when creating and launching courses: it includes branching, interactive activities, and simulations, to name a few advantages. And most SCORM authoring tools come with quizzing capabilities built in. The quiz creation tools often allow you to create flashy quizzes, with a look-and-feel that is slick and fun (hopefully) for trainees.

The downside of using SCORM-based quizzes is often discovered after the course is launched. The SCORM standard that determines how quiz data will be sent back to the LMS doesn't support a schema that makes reporting easy. In other words, running a quiz report using data from a SCORM-based quiz is less than optimal. If you are using a SCORM 1.2 course, the only information sent back to the LMS is the status: pass/fail or complete/incomplete. If you are using the SCORM 2004 standard, more information is sent back to the LMS, but it isn't organized for reporting. So the SCORM 2004 course sends back the quiz question and trainee response - multiple records if the quiz was taken more than one time - but there is no information about question order or timing that is included. When it comes time to run a report to see the quiz results, you may see each question listed multiple times, with multiple responses. And you have no way of knowing which response was the last response.

How can you address this issue simply, while still using your SCORM content? Use a hybrid format: SCORM content coupled with a TrainCaster quiz. (You can use several TrainCaster quizzes if you'd like - with a comprehensive exam at the end of the course.) This is a simple and easy to implement solution; details on how to set this up are below.

Combine SCORM course content with TrainCaster quiz:

  1. Click the 'Course Manager' tab. In the top right corner click 'Add a New Course'.
  2. Enter the course name, status (inactive until you launch), and description. Click 'Add Course'.
  3. On the Course Objectives page, click 'Add Web Training Task'.
  4. Select SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 as the content format. This setting depends on how you published the course.
  5. Click 'Add Web Task'.
  6. Click the 'Import' button. Browse to find the SCORM .zip file on your computer and click 'Upload'.

When the SCORM content has finished uploading, you're ready to add a quiz.

Add a TrainCaster Quiz:

  1. Click 'Add course Objective' on the Course Objective 1 page.

  2. Click the pencil icon in the 'Multiple Objective Course Settings' box. If a trainee can fail the objective, select 'Yes' and enter the failing score threshold (e.g., less than 80%). Click 'Update Settings'.

  3. Now click 'Add Web Training Task'.
  4. Select 'TrainCaster' for the content format. Choose the TrainCaster layout of your choice: Layout 1 for top/bottom navigation, or Layout 2 for left/bottom navigation. In this case, I prefer Layout 1 because I am only going to have a quiz in this section of the course. I am selecting 'No' for the 'Show Header' setting, so my quiz will display without showing the TrainCaster header. Navigation is sequential and 'print content' is set to No. Click 'Add Web Task'.
  5. Click 'Edit Content' and then 'add the first section'. Give the section a name like 'Final Quiz'.
  6. Click 'Final Quiz' and select 'Add > Quiz' from the menu. (Note that you can add an essay or file submission page as well).
  7. Setup your quiz as you normally would - with a name, number of attempts, question banks, single/multi page, etc. Click 'Add Quiz'.
  8. Click 'add the first question' and choose the type of question, or upload/copy questions to complete your quiz.

That's it! Now when a trainee completes the SCORM section of your course, s/he will be taken to the TrainCaster quiz. Quiz reports will reflect the data captured, including questions/responses, time (optional). This information is available at the individual level, as well as summary level. With this information you can evaluate how well your quiz questions are written, and improve them based on trainee's responses.

Below is a sample Quiz Statistics report showing the information available to you.