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Latest Release - v5.21


The latest release of TrainCaster LMS is now live! This release includes an important new feature: training certification tracking.

With this release you can setup certification requirements - such as completion of specific courses, logging of a certain number of practical hours, obtaining a license - and then assign the certification to employees in your organization. The system will automatically keep track of certification progress, completion and expiration dates. Email reminders are automatically generated, keeping employees aware of their status. And reporting is easy: run a detailed certification report to see who needs to renew their certification within a specific time frame.

In addition to the new certification tracking feature, there is a new survey report included in this release. The Survey Report displays the survey results for a selected course or shared surveys. You can download the survey results to see likert responses as well.

And finally, with this release SCORM courses no longer require the Java plugin. This means that SCORM courses will not be vulnerable to Java security breaches, which was resulting in some users being unable to access SCORM content.