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Product Update: September 2020

Sep 22, 2020 2:08:25 PM



New SSO Function, Restricted Access tab, Updated Quiz Options, Improved Reporting & more!

New For Administrator's: Customized Training Methods, Restricted Access, & Single-Sign-On.

Administrators can customize Training Methods to better suit your needs. Web and classroom training methods are required, but you can add other methods, like 'external', 'practical' or 'online'. You can choose to see the training method associated with a training record when generating reports.

Admins can easily implement & maintain restricted access options. With Restricted Access enabled you can limit access to your TrainCaster environment to specific IP addresses or IP address ranges. Talk to your customer service rep if to find out more.

Administrator's can easily setup SSO via the Admin tab. Enabling this option allows trainees to access training seamlessly - additional login is necessary.


Course Manager functionality gets an update as well, to streamline quiz creation!

A new quiz setting - 'Threshold Not Met' makes it easy to display a new set of quiz questions when the trainee retakes the quiz. Need to add an image or video to a quiz question - just click the button & choose the file to upload.


We've also expanded the comment functionality for certifications to allow prompt comments to be added by supervisors/monitors. And checklist response field values can be copied from prior entries.

And Reporting updates give you even more flexibility & better access to the information you need. 

New filters are available for the Training Progress Matrix, Course Information & Manager reports. Average scores are calculated & displayed on the Training Detail Report. And you can generate reports based on current or archived course. 

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Need more information about Single-Sign-On? Read it here.

BL Snodgrass
Written by BL Snodgrass

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