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Product Update: November 2019

Nov 12, 2019 2:27:41 PM

November 2019 Update


New Password Requirements, Updated Certifications, Expanded Course Manager Functionality & more!

New For Administrator's: 'Require Password Change' & 'Require Strong Passwords' settings.

Administrator's can now enforce password change requirements. You have 3 choices for this setting: no enforcement, require a password change after initial login only, or require a password change at a specified interval, e.g. every month.

If you elect to enforce password requirements, you have the option to further secure your environment by requiring the use of strong passwords.


Certification functionality gets an update as well, to give you more flexibility & time saving options!

Easily re-order checklist prompts using the new 'Re-Order' tab. Then grab a prompt and drag it to the desired location.


We've also expanded the assignment functionality for certifications to automatically assign a trainee to any course or curriculum that is a part of that certification. And all certification notices are sent to the group contacts - automatically.

And Course Manager updates streamline your workflow.

Need to recover a recently deleted course? No problem. Recover the course from the home page. Just click 'Recover Course' and select the course name from the pop-up.



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BL Snodgrass
Written by BL Snodgrass

UX expert, elearning veteran.