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Product Update: August 2019

Aug 15, 2019 2:59:14 PM

August 2019


New Checklist Feature - Including A New Checklist Completion Report!

For Certification Managers: New Checklist Feature.

Certification Managers can now create 'Checklists' that require review and sign-off by a superior. Managers create checklists by adding 'prompts' - which includes the task and any data fields that need to be collected in order for the task to be complete. Examples of data fields include date completed, case number, action taken. Add as many prompts as necessary to ensure mastery.


To make the checklist as flexible as possible, Managers can create custom data fields for each checklist, like 'case number', or 'employee number'. Just click on 'Checklist Selection Fields' to give the data field a name/value combination. (like case number/numeric or action/text) These custom fields can be used on any checklist.

Once the checklist is activated, it can be completed by the trainee or a 'Checklist Supervisor', and submitted for review. If approved, it is sent to the next person in the approval chain. The final sign-off is done by the checklist monitor, if required. If the checklist is not approved at any point in the process, it is returned to the person responsible for completing the checklist - either the trainee or the supervisor.


Managers assign checklist supervisors when creating a checklist by selecting a supervisor from the 'Unassigned' column and adding them as 'Assigned'. 

Managers also setup checklist monitors. Checklist monitors can sign-off on ANY checklist completion - they are not assigned to specific lists.  


Reporting gets an update, so you to report & drill down on checklist completions.

The Checklist Completion Report gives you insight into who has completed their assigned checklists, and/or who has a checklist in progress.


Drill down to see the responses recorded on the checklist, who completed the checklist and who signed off on the checklist.


If the checklist is in progress, you can easily determine the state of progress so you can follow-up with the user or supervisor.

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BL Snodgrass
Written by BL Snodgrass

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