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LMS System Selection & Evaluation Toolkit


This is the first in a five-part series.

You may be researching Learning Management Systems because you are new to elearning. Or you may be researching alternative LMS Systems because it is time to replace your current version.

Either way, the LMS selection & evaluation process can be daunting: confusing industry specific terms, hundreds of LMS Systems to choose from, superfluous vs. required features, and different pricing models. To help you with the process we’ve put together this LMS System Selection & Evaluation Toolkit. It includes infographics, guides, and checklists to get you started, as well as an overall plan to help you better manage your time, assets, and analysis.


Before you begin your research and evaluation of LMS systems, getting some background information will be helpful. It will familiarize you with industry specific terms and help you understand the scope of products available in the marketplace. You will see the variety of features offered and start to understand which features you will require in your implementation. You can get a high level overview of usability, reporting, and administration before you dive into the process more deeply.

Start Here: Learning Management System Glossary of Terms

Not sure what of the meaning of specific terms used on LMS websites? SCORM, AICC, learning paths – to name a few. Check out the LMS System Glossary to familiarize yourself with the nomenclature.

Next: LMS Roadmap

This infographic maps out the LMS selection process at a high level, giving you a great overview of key elements.Download your copy today!

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A quick guide to selecting the best LMS for your needs. Download your copy today!