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LMS Reporting

Apr 25, 2019 7:45:00 AM

LMS Reporting

One of the pillars of a learning management system is reporting – whether it be compliance, assignments, requirements, certification – this information is a key component of the software.

Depending on the LMS, you may be able to customize the database with additional data fields that are unique to your organization, using naming conventions that follow your standards. It is worth spending some time during LMS implementation to be sure you are including all necessary data points. These data fields should ideally be available for display on reports as well.

A Case in Point: TrainCaster Reports

TrainCaster LMS contains over 25 reports grouped into three broad categories: Trainee, Compliance, and Administrative. You can tap into these reporting tools to measure content effectiveness, user engagement, satisfaction, and compliance. 

Over 25 training, compliance, administrative reports

Data Fields for Custom Reporting

During the on-boarding process your training database and reports should be customized to include any fields of information that you want to track and report on: Department, Location, Job Title, and Employee Number are frequently incorporated but you are certainly not limited to them. Ideally the LMS should label these fields how you refer to them in your organization - for example “Region” instead of a generic “Group Location” designation.

Filtering Data

When preparing a report, you can filter the data on any of your user data fields and select which fields to display on the report. You can re-sort the reports by any of the fields and optionally save the report selection criteria so you can re-generate it with one click. Reports can also be scheduled to be emailed to you automatically. You set the frequency and the system does the rest. Reports can be generated in web, print, or Excel formats.

Reports For Employee Reviews

Use the Training Report Card at employee review time to determine how many courses an employee has completed along with their average score, total time, and total course credits. At a glance you can tell who has been engaged and who hasn’t. The trainee transcript will tally course credits which can be compared with employee’s performance/development plans. Use the Curriculum Information report to show how far along employees are on their learning path.

Reports For Content Effectiveness

The Quiz Statistics report details each quiz question and the trainee responses. If a particular set of questions is answered incorrectly consistently, perhaps the course material needs to be expanded or made clearer. Or, perhaps the quiz question itself is confusing. See this blog post - 5 Tips for Writing a Better Quiz - for more info.

After review of the material you made decide that a completely new course is required to bring people up to speed. If subject matter expert believes the content is comprehensive then the questions themselves should be reviewed for clarity. You can filter by user grouping to determine if, say, a particular location is bringing down the average, and if so, focus your attention there. 

Compliance Reports

For those of you in regulated industries, the user, course, and curriculum compliance reports are available to prepare for compliance audits. The Requirement report will detail, among other things, who is late for training and who is coming due for required training obligations. Employee non-compliance on federally mandated courses can negatively affect grants; these reports are designed to give your compliance officers and principal investigators a real-time snapshot of everyone’s compliance status.

Permissions & Reporting

Your reporting system should be available to anyone who needs to generate reports. Permissions enable you to limit a report manager's data access to just those groups for which they are responsible. In addition to administrators, allowing managers and supervisors to generate their own reports increases employee compliance, knowledge, engagement and satisfaction.

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