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LMS Features Comparison


If you are looking for an LMS but are unsure of what you need the LMS to include, this LMS requirements checklist may help. Below is a number of LMS features, which you can translate into the requirements your organization needs. Feel free to download the list (in PDF format) and edit it to include only those features that you need or add in some additional criteria.

Administrative Reporting
Does the LMS include administrative reports to assist with managing users, compliance, licenses, etc.

Administrator Module
Is there a separate module for administrators? This helps keep the interface uncluttered and clean for learners.

AICC Compliance
If you will be using course authoring software that publishes AICC content, this is a must have. AICC is an older standard however; most authoring tools now support SCORM or Tin Can API.

Authentication & Security
What type of login security do you require? Do you need a single sign-on, or do you need passwords to be changed at regular intervals to maintain security?

Blended Learning
Will you offer both classroom and web courses? Do you have training modules that require both types of training in order to complete the requirement?

Certification Management
Does the LMS allow you to setup, assign, track and manage training certifications?

Certification Tracking
Does the LMS track certifications without the ability to manage and assign certification training? This type of tracking would allow you to manually enter certifications and would possibly track expiration.

Competency Management
Does the LMS have tools to track competencies (reports, etc.)?

Compliance Management
Does the LMS allow you to track and report on training compliance?

Content Library
Does the LMS include a place to store and share training content? This means that a module stored in the content library could be used in multiple courses.

Content Management
How does the LMS support course content management? Is there a built-in editor, can you include PDFs, videos, etc.?

Course Authoring
How do you create courses for the LMS? Is there an authoring tool, or is all content produced using 3rd party tools?

Course Catalog
Does the LMS include a course catalog? Can you include/exclude courses? Is it searchable?

Custom User Interface
Can you customize the user interface by changing button labels, changing colors, adding/excluding modules?

Customizable Branding
Can you customize the login page and/or application to use your branding (e.g. logo and corporate colors)?

Customizable Fields
Can you customize the training database to include data fields that you need for reporting or tracking purposes (e.g. Employee Number, Department Number)?

Customizable Functionality
Can customized programming be added to the application?

Customizable Reporting
Can you run customized reports by selecting columns for output, or are all reports canned?

Data Import/Export
Can HR or other data be imported/exported?

eCommerce Support
Does the LMS support eCommerce – either natively, or by special request?

Email Notices/Reminders
Are automatic training notifications and reminders generated? Can you specify the contents and frequency?

Exam Engine
Does the LMS include tools to create exams? Are question banks supported? Can questions be randomized?

Individual Development Plans
Does the LMS support authoring/tracking of individual learning plans?

Instructor-Led Classes
Can you manage and assign instructor-led classes? Is there a scheduling tool? Can learners self-register? Is there wait-listing? Manager approval? ☐ Live Video Presentations Does the LMS support live video presentations?

Mobile Access
Can training be accessed via a mobile device? (Apple devices do not support Flash, so training content may not be accessible).

Can you specify more than one currency for billing back to departments?

Can content be displayed in multiple languages? Is the user interface available in multiple languages?

Multi-Organization Structures
Does the LMS support multiple organizations (e.g. corporation & subsidiaries as separate entities that are linked together, including rollup reporting)?

Multiple Delivery Formats
Can you produce course content in several formats: HTML, SCORM, AICC, built-in editor, Flash, PowerPoint, classroom, on-the-job, certification?

Performance Appraisal
Can you upload salary reviews, self-evaluations, and goals/objectives?

PowerPoint Conversion
Does the LMS include a PowerPoint-to-web conversion engine?

Registration Management
How do learners register for courses? Is the process easy to manage?

Does the LMS include rollup reporting, drill down reports, summary reports? Can the results be customized? Can reports be scheduled to run automatically, with results emailed on request?

SCORM Compliance
Is the LMS SCORM compliant? Does it support the SCORM tools you use?

Can learners register themselves for courses? How is registration accomplished?

Skills Assessment/Tracking
Can you assess and track skills of learners to assist with development of learning plan?

Student Management
How do you manage learners in the LMS? How are courses/curriculums assigned? How are notifications structured? Who gets notifications?

Does the LMS include a survey editor? Is the editor easy to use? Can you see the survey results?

Test Editor
Does the LMS include a quiz/test editor? Is it easy to use? Does it track questions/responses for each learner? How to you see the results? Are statistical reports available?

Test Scoring
Are quizzes/exams scored automatically? Can you easily link back to the course content for review? Can you customize the results with comments?

User Access Controls
How do you control access to data and functions within the LMS? Are there multiple levels of access? Does the LMS support your security/privacy requirements?

Virtual Classes
Does the LMS support delivery of virtual classes – that is, a class delivered by an instructor and broadcast via the web?