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eLearning Authoring Review: Storyline 3

Jun 14, 2019 1:05:17 PM

eLearning Authoring Review Storyline 3

One of the best eLearning authoring tools on the market, and also one of the most popular, is Articulate Storyline. The latest release is Storyline 3 – the standalone product, or Articulate 360 – a suite of web products that includes Storyline 360. The products have almost the same features, so your selection will likely be based on other factors.

Want to compare Articulate 360 & Storyline 3? Here is a comparison chart.

Highlights of Articulate 360:

  • requires an annual subscription ($999/year for a single user or $1299/user/year for a team subscription)
  • is a suite of products, namely Storyline 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, Peek, Rise, Articulate Review, Content Library, Articulate Live, Preso. Find out more about the Articulate 360 suite.
  • Includes access to a library of course assets which includes photos, templates, characters, videos, icons, and more.

Highlights of Storyline 3:

  • available for purchase for a one-time license fee (upgrade $699; first time license: $1698)
  • is a standalone product that is compatible with other Articulate products;
  • you create your own content

Which Product is Best For You?

Choose Storyline 3 if:

  • You want to cut costs by purchasing the product outright for a one-time fee.
  • You don’t need, or want, the extra products included in the suite
  • You don’t need any additional course assets, or you are able to create your own (or perhaps you’ve purchased assets from another source).

Choose Articulate 360 if:

  • You deploy most of your courses on mobile devices
  • You have legacy content that was developed in Articulate Studio, and you want to upgrade to the latest version – which is included in Articulate 360, and you want to develop new courses in Storyline instead of Studio
  • You want to use the latest version and features of authoring products

What is Storyline 3?

Storyline 3 is easy-to-use eLearning authoring software that is similar to the text/design authoring capabilities of Microsoft PowerPoint. The latest version of Storyline lets you create courses that are optimized for any device. The new player adapts to tablet/smartphone screens and supports gestures, eliminates browser controls, and more.

The product supports closed captioning, and lets you structure text using tables – an important accessibility feature. Read about all of the latest features, and/or compare Storyline 3 to other versions.

Although the standalone version of Storyline does not include access to the course asset library, it supports local creation of slide templates that can be shared amongst colleagues, and includes preloaded ‘themes’ – just as you would find in Microsoft Powerpoint. Themes can be customized and shared.

Storyline Design Templates

The application also supports animations and triggers. Triggers can use variables so you can make your course more intelligent and responsive.

Storyline Triggers

You can include screen recording, software simulations. Create and edit audio, video, and images. Take screenshots. Include responsive quizzes. And export as HTML5 in SCORM format.

All of that, but there is so much MORE!

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an eLearning authoring tool that is easy to use from the get-go and allows you to grow into using the more complex (and interesting) features included in the product, Storyline 3 may be for you. Articulate also has extensive training videos and blog posts, as well as eBooks for download. They host an extensive community of eLearning folks at eLearning Heroes.

This product is one of the best available! I encourage you to download your free 30 day trial to see just how much it can do!

BL Snodgrass
Written by BL Snodgrass

UX expert, elearning veteran.