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8 Tips for Writing Great eLearning Content


When it comes to building an elearning course, it's easy to get caught up in the format of the presentation instead of focusing on the content. How the course looks is important, but content trumps looks every time. So how do you write better content? Here are 8 tips get you started.

  1. Vary the format. Combine different media formats in your course to naturally engage learners. Use video, audio, short sentences, long sentences. Mixing up the media steps up the pace of the course, and keeps learners actively moving forward.
  2. Liven up the text. Get away from bullet point presentations and vary the rhythm of your text. Short sentences are great, but variety is more important. Ask questions, mix up the structure - use dashes, give examples, have a list or two.
  3. Use the active voice. The active voice is more direct,vigorous and engaging. 'This activity will help you understand....' is more interesting than 'This activity will develop an understanding of....' The first is active; the second passive.  (e.g.
  4. Organize the content. Outline your course with meaningful titles, breaking the course into sections as needed. The outline quickly gives learners a feel for the course and provides logical breaking points in the training.
  5. Ask a question along the way. As you move to a new topic, ask a question. Respond with an annotated answer that makes learners think about the topic.
  6. Make it relevant. Use real-word examples in your course. Show how the information relates to the learner.
  7. Say more, with less. Use callouts or boxed quotes to call attention to text. If a picture is worth a thousand words, use it. Break up longer sections of text with headings and bulleted lists.
  8. Get feedback. At the end of the course give learners the chance to give you feedback about the course. You can use the feedback to improve the content and the overall learning experience.