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5 Reasons to Choose an Installed LMS Solution


In my last post I outlined 5 reasons that you would want to use a hosted LMS solution. In this post, I’ll outline reasons you may want to select an installed LMS solution.

1. You have the internal resources required to implement, maintain and support the LMS.

Just as with any installed software product (think financial, HR), an installed LMS requires support from an internal IT department. The IT department is charged with the installation, implementation and maintenance of the product. Loading historical data, adding custom data fields, and adding user access information is part of the process. Maintaining the product by keeping the LMS software, the operating system, and the hardware up-to-date also falls to IT. If your IT department can support all of these activities, an installed LMS may be for you.

2. You have other installed software solutions from the same vendor, and want the systems to work together.

There are many vendors that offer complementary products – maybe an HR system that includes talent management, learning management, and . If you already have several of these products installed, adding another module may not be a big deal. IT is already familiar with the vendor, the installation and maintenance processes, so they can realistically determine if they can support the extra module. A bonus of this type of solution is that each of the systems works seamlessly together.

3. For security reasons you need to limit access to the LMS to your intranet.

Your company may have a security policy limiting access to training materials to its local intranet. If this is the case, an installed LMS solution is really your only option. Any information that is sent over the internet can’t be considered secure – even if you’re using a secure connection.

4.You need a highly customized LMS solution.

If you company needs a lot of customization of the LMS – perhaps for reporting or compliance reasons – an installed LMS may be the best option. SAAS providers (software-as-a-service) usually provide all of their clients with the same application – customizations can be made, but can be quite costly. Installed applications are often customized for clients – again, at an additional cost – but in this case you get exactly what you need.

5. You have the budget required for an installed LMS solution.

Typically, installed solutions are pricier than hosted LMS solutions. Sometimes the price tag is the determining factor as to which solution your company ultimately chooses; but if you have the budget to support an installed solution, it may be the best option for you.