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2019 Training Content Vendor Review: Emtrain

May 16, 2019 12:48:43 PM

This is the final in a series of online safety/business training vendor reviews. These vendors sell off-the-shelf training courses.


This week's featured vendor review:  Emtrain[View previous vendor reviews: Vivid Learning SystemsSkillsoft, & BizLibrary]

This is the fourth, and final, vendor review for this series. Emtrain seems to operate from a bit of a different perspective - focusing on changing workplace culture rather than having the primary goal of training be to support compliance requirements. To that end:

"For over a decade we’ve been experimenting with innovative approaches to compliance training that move beyond checking-the-box, to actually change the behaviors that cause legal and reputational risk. With an expanded team of learning, technology, and workforce experts, Emtrain is launching a new suite of content and technology products designed to revolutionize compliance training—giving you powerful tools to engage, understand, and influence your workplace culture."


" We believe that healthy workplace culture is the foundation of company performance and employee success. Over the past decade, Emtrain has taken a different path than other companies in our space – instead of offering companies the minimum they need to meet legal requirements, we’ve developed innovative approaches to changing the behaviors that define workplace culture."

Company Focus:

Emtrain built their reputation by offering the most authentic and engaging elearning courses in the market. They’ve developed new online programs take that learning experience to a new level. Designed for mobile, employees have unprecedented control over when, where, and how they engage. Emtrain is focused on helping you improve workplace culture rather than providing training with the primary goal of meeting compliance requirements. So even if compliance triggers the training, the program should focus on building skills, changing behavior, and transforming the workplace culture.


Emtrain uses an annual subscription pricing model. High quality, reasonably priced content.


Emtrain’s offerings include comprehensive, web-based courses as well as microlessons - a library of video-based lessons that allows you to keep the conversation going with 3-5 minute blasts that can address a single timely topic or an easily assembled multi-topic campaign.

Emtrain offers training on the following topics:

  • Workplace Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Culture
  • Code of Conduct/Ethics
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Unconscious Bias
  • FCPA & Anti-Bribery 

Custom Course Development


The bottom line: Acting respectfully and preventing sexual harassment, bias or ethical mishaps takes deliberate, practiced skill. Emtrain takes a different approach: using a combination of technology and innovative training content to improve workplace culture. So if you are looking for compliance training content and price is your primary decision criteria, Emtrain is a great choice as they offer competitive pricing and high quality training content. Emtrain is also a woman-led business.

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