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Assign Courses & Track Results


Trainees can see at-a-glance their training assignments & due dates on the training dashboard.

The graphical interface highlights when training is due, overdue or complete. Reminders and overdue notifications are sent automatically to ensure trainees stay current with the requirements.


Automatic Reminders

TrainCaster automatically tracks when training is due based on the date assigned, or based on specific intervals - depending on how the course was configured by the course manager. - either because it has just been assigned to a trainee and must be completed within a specific timeframe; or because the course is required at specific intervals. When a training due date is approaching, TrainCaster sends out a customized training reminder message to let the trainee know that training is due.


Training Notifications

Auto-generated emails notify trainees about enrollments, pass/fail results, due dates and training expiration dates. Each of these notifications is personalized and addressed to the specific trainee. You can customize the information that is included in the email as well, allowing you to establish, and/or comply with, company standards when communicating with trainees.



More than just training reminders, TrainCaster sends alerts when training is overdue. The alert email is automatically sent to the trainee and supervisor. If you prefer not to send alerts, you can turn off the notifications.

Upon successful completion of a course trainees receive a course completion alert. This message is customizable, and you can specify when the message is sent and to whom.

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