The authoring-delivery-tracking, all-in-one, hosted LMS solution.

With dynamic, real-time reports, easy-to-create course options, streamlined administration tasks, and multiple course delivery options, learning management just got easier. Learn more.

Create online courses quickly

Use your favorite desktop tool, or use the built-in TC Editor. Include any web-compatible object like Flash, audio, or video. Or, use the Powerpoint-to-web converter to create online courses in minutes. And TrainCaster is SCORM certified, so you have even more course options.

Manage all types of eLearning

Keep track of all types of eLearning records in your database: online, classroom, third party and on-the-job. Real-time reporting makes it easy to see who has been trained, who needs to be trained, and who is overdue for training.

How to Choose the Best LMS

Download our free guide to 'Choosing the Best LMS'. Includes a Learning Management Comparison Checklist.


Who's Using TrainCaster to Manage Training?